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Crate Engine Guide

Crate engines are a great choice for most people performance enthusiasts. Buying a crate motor from a reputable company like GM Performance Parts gives you a few things you just can't get when you buy your own. First, you never know exactly what you're going to get on the dyno when you choose components and build up an engine. There may be some trial and error, which costs money. You can copy another engine build, but that's essentially like buying a crate engine. One of the advantages of a crate motor is knowing that the company chose the internal engine components and dyno tested the engine to show you a dyno chart with horsepower and torque numbers as they relate to RPM.

Another advantage to a crate motor is the warranty of the more reliable engine builders. You can't get that with your own build. Of course, the reason a good warranty is offered is usually because quality parts are being used and good engine building techniques are adhered to.

What to Look For In A Crate Engine

You have to know what you want to do with the engine. Is it an everyday cruiser that needs moderate horsepower or are you going to trailer your car to the track and terrorize the drag strip? Crate engines are purpose built. Internal engine parts need to be strong enough to withstand the abuse you're going to give it. Look for forged pistons and a forged crankshaft in an engine that will be run hard.

    Other Notable Choices to Make
  • Cast iron heads are less expensive, but weigh much more. Even worse, that weight is over the front where you don't usually want the weight for drag racing.
  • High compression engines also generally require higher octane fuel, costing you more at the pump.
  • An engine builder's reputation is often well known. Check on-line to see what people say about a certain engine manufacturer.
  • Cost is on most people's mind. Be realistic about your needs. A low end motor is not going to stand up to daily abuse.


GM Performance Small Block Crate Engines

350 290 horsepower engine image

Small Block 350/290

350 HO Turn Key engine image

Small Block 350 HO Turn-Key

Ram Jet 350 Engine Image

Small Block Ram Jet 350

Fast Burn 385 engine image

Small Block Fast Burn 385 Turn-Key

Fast Burn 385 Base engine image

Small Block Fast Burn 385 Base

ht 383 engine image

Small Block HT383

HT383E engine

Small Block HT383E

383 Partial Engine Image

Small Block 383 Partial Engine

ZZ383 - Big-Block-Style Engine Image

Small Block ZZ383/425


GM Performance Big Block Crate Engines

454 HO engine image

454 HO

454 Partial engine image

454 Partial Engine

ZZ 454 - 440 Engine Image


ZZ502 - 502 Base Kit Engine Image

ZZ 502 Base Engine

ZZ 502 Base Kit Engine Image

ZZ502 Base Kit

ZZ 505 Deluxe Engine Image

ZZ502 Deluxe/Assembled

ZZ502 Deluxe Kit Engine Image

ZZ502 Deluxe Kit

ram jet 502 engine image

Ram Jet 502

ZZ572 - 620 Deluxe Engine Image

ZZ572/620 Deluxe

zz572 - 620 Base Engine Image

ZZ572/620 Base

572 - 720R engine image

ZZ572/720R Deluxe


GM Performance LS Crate Engines

LS1 5.7 Liter Engine Image

LS1 Without ECM and Harness

LS3 430 HP engine

LS3 - 430 HP Crate Motor

E-Rod LS3 6/2 liter engine

E-Rod LS3 - Crate Motor

LS327 5.3 liter engine image

LS327 Crate Motor

LS376 480 HP engine

LS376 480 HP Hot Cam

LS376 515 HP engine

LS376 515 HP Carbureted

LS6 5.7 liter corvette Zo6 engine image

LS6 - 2004 Corvette

LS7 7 liter engine image

LS7 - 2006 Corvette ZO6

LS9 6.2 liter engine

LS9 - 2009 Corvette Motor


GM Performance LSX Crate Engines

LS376 Crate Engine Image

LSX376 GM Crate Engine

LSX454 Crate Engine

LSX454 GM Crate Engine


Chevy Performance ZZ572 720 GM Crate Engine