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350/290 HP - The best value crate engine in the GM Performance Parts lineup!

The 350/290 HP is the most popular GM Performance Parts crate engine because no one can deliver such performance for this kind of value. GM Performance Parts believes that everyone should be able to afford a high quality Chevy crate engine V-8 without going broke. The GM Performance 350/290 is an answer to those car crafters who demand maximum return on their money. But, just because its affordable, don’t think that it’s a stone. The 350/290 delivers 290 hp @ 5100 rpm and a solid 326 lb.-ft. of torque at 3750 rpm. With those kinds of numbers, it’s the perfect replacement chevy crate engine for the millions of GM vehicles that shipped with a small-block. Got a tired, old Chevy that needs a lift? This is the crate engine for you.

We’ve also loaded the 350/290 with a four-bolt main bearing block, aluminum pistons, and a hydraulic camshaft. The cast iron cylinder heads are designed to be extremely durable while still providing good airflow through the engine.

The 350/290 will ship to you as a Base-level long block. Add an intake manifold, carburetor, ignition system, starter, balancer, and water pump, and you’ll be ready to hit the road with a fresh new motor. All of these parts are available from GM Performance Parts, and with its low price, you’ll have no problem finishing off the 350/290 in style and affordably.

Possible Applications*

  • Replace that tired old small-block that has served you well for years
  • Finish your first Hot Rod
    A temporary stand-in while you build your dream engine
  • An engine for that father/son project out in the garage

*Applications have not been validated. They are merely suggestions of how you might enjoy your GM Performance Parts crate engine. Some applications may affect engine warranty. See specific warranty information. Some applications may not be emission legal; check state and local ordinances.

350/290 HP TECH SPECS:
Part Number: 12499529
Engine type: Chevy small-block V-8
Displacement (cu in): 350
Bore x stroke (in): 4.00 x 3.48
Block (P/N 10066034): Cast iron with 4-bolt main caps
Crankshaft (P/N 93426651): Nodular iron
Connecting rods (P/N 10108688): Powdered metal steel
Pistons (P/N 12514101): Cast aluminum
Camshaft type (P/N 3896962): Hydraulic flat tappet
Camshaft lift (in): .450 intake / .460 exhaust
Camshaft duration (@.050 in): 222° intake / 222° exhaust
Cylinder heads (P/N 93438648): Iron; 76 cc chambers
Valve size (in): 1.94 intake / 1.50 exhaust
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Rocker arms (P/N 10089648): Stamped steel
Rocker arm ratio: 1.5:1
Recommended fuel: 87 octane
Ignition timing: 34° total BTDC
Maximum rpm: 5100

Chevy Performance 350 290 horsepower engine image

Part #: 12499529

3550- 290 horsepower dyno image

Installation Notes

  • For complete list of parts to complement and finish this engine, turn the page.
  • Use internally balanced flexplate P/N 471529 for automatic transmission or flywheel P/N 14085720 for manual transmission (not included).
  • Power ratings based on tests with Holley 600-cfm carburetor P/N 12497147 (not included).
  • Intended for pre-1977 street vehicles and all off-road vehicles.
  • Not intended for marine applications.
  • Comes with black-painted valve covers with perimeter-style hold downs; see Valve Covers section on next page for selection of chrome, polished and aluminum valve covers.